Thursday, February 16, 2012

Vegetarian Shepherd's pie

I have a vegetarian friend in Sydney with whom I exchange recipes and cooking ideas. One day she baked a vegetarian casserole/pie dish and described it as a shepherd's pie - and I thought, what a bloody great idea! A shepherd's pie which allows vegetarians or animal-friendly people to enjoy the comfort of a wholesome pie while keeping in line with their eating preferences.

I made a pie with the key ingredients of puy lentils and purple sweet potato. It was an ad-hoc adventure so I didn't record the recipe. From memory, for the base I used puy lentils, diced onions and carrots, canned tomatoes and some form of tomato pasta sauce (basic ingredients for a lentil casserole dish). The top was just mashed purple sweet potato with a bit of olive oil. I baked it in the oven to give the pie a crusty top - in my opinion, nothing beats the texture of baked mash potato.

Although the lentil base had lots of sauce before I baked it, the lentils soaked up most of the liquid - next time, I'd use a bit more sauce (sometimes the oozing moistness of the pie base makes the pie ever so scrumptious). The sweet potato topping was a bit dry so I had to sprinkle some olive oil on it after it was cooked. In hindsight, I should have mixed the topping with some margarine or some more oil before baking it.

The dish looked a bit bizarre with the purple topping, but this is what I loved about it. It was comforting meal ideal for the cold winter day.

Bon apetit!


  1. interesting. can you post a recipe? how did it taste?

    1. Hi! Oddly, this is one of the few dishes which I created the recipe for, and didn't write it down. I'll do my best anyway to remember the ingredients/method and will update the post :)


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