Monday, February 27, 2012

Madame Flavour tea

I love Madame Flavour teas - the tea leaves come in a little triangular bag, each bag having enough room for the leaves to float and infuse the hot water. Each packet/sample box has a letter from the owner of the organisation, as a way of 'personalising' the tea.

Chai - the flavours aren't too strong but have the right delicate sweetness from the cinnamon and tang from the cardamom.

Green, Jasmine & Pear (shown here) - I may have over boiled the tea as the tea was on the verge of bitterness. With green tea, the water is meant to be about 80 degrees, not at boiling point when it makes contact with the tea leaves. Water which is too hot will make the tea a bit bitter. I couldn't taste/smell the sweet pear but it was still good nevertheless.

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