Thursday, February 2, 2012

Wokitup!: casual Asian noodle bar

It was 8.30pm on a lazy Saturday night and all I had eaten for ‘dinner’ were a couple of microwaved home-made dim sims. ‘Home-made’ meaning my mother made them and gave them to me when she was down in Canberra. My friend who I am living with randomly suggested that we go down to the shops for food – best idea since sliced white bread.

I had a strange urge to eat Asian food – maybe because it was just Chinese New Year and I had not quite eaten enough Asian food to say that I’m sick of it. So we decided to go to ‘Wok it Up’ – its like a salad bar of Asian stir fried noodles based in Canberra. I coincidentally ordered the cheapest possible thing – a small vegetarian box – and my friend got the Singaporean noodles.

My vegetarian noodles were decent (according to my take-away food standards) – the vermicelli were heavily doused in honey soy sauce. If there were any less veges in the meal, I’d be a bit angry. The perk of this place is the ‘make your own box’ feature where you choose from a range of noodles, sauces and meat/veges. The wok/char-grilled taste of my meal reminded me of my childhood where I’d loiter in my dad’s restaurant and eat til my heart was content. Overall, it was okay but the superficial taste of manufactured honey soy sauce and sparse amount of veges reminded me of why I avoid Asian takeaway.

Unit 4/20 Gartside St, Wanniassa
Erindale (also in Belconnen and Gungahlin)

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