Sunday, February 19, 2012

a brief case study of the male species

In between finding a new home and moving out of my old flat, I stayed at a work friend’s townhouse in Tuggeranong. The place was fantastic – quiet, homey and easy. It was the first time for a while that I lived with a male (and it was great), but what I found amusing was the stark contrasts in our choices of food.

I ate small lentil salads while he consumed large meat-orientated power meals. A lot of his food was overloaded with protein. According to these pictures, he was a fan of brown foods (haha) whereas my food is often green, red and colourful. His meals often lacked vegetables, which was a sharp contrast to my diet. If we switched diets, I’d become a beafy ball and he’d probably lose 5 kilos and become really gaunt. Although we have similar office jobs, I wonder whether my friend’s choice of food means that he is more energetic, or whether we both eat appropriately for our metabolisms, body sizes and genetic make up.

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