Sunday, February 19, 2012

Little Istanbul

Turkish cuisine is one that I have not attempted to make at home. Luckily, there is a good Turkish restaurant in the Tuggeranong Hyperdome that makes up for my incompetencies – Little Istanbul.

I went here once for my own work farewell. None of the large meaty dishes appealed to me so I just got the Borek, an entrée dish with four filo pastry rolls filled with fetta cheese, parsley and fresh herbs. The dish was small but each bite burst with the salty creaminess of the fetta, natural freshness of the herbs and delicacy of crisp filo pastry. The pastry was pan fried in oil, which raised some concern for my cholesterol-conscious mind. After four servings of the rolls, I was still hungry so got baklava. I usually love having baklava, but this one was mediocre – overly sweet like all store-made baklava and not as fresh/crispy as those I’ve had in the past. Maybe there was a slow turn-around in the store with the baklava in this week, which would explain why it wasn’t overly fresh.

On another occasion, I got the chicken saladsliced breast chicken with seasonal salad and dressing, for take away. The dressing was tomato based, actually quite tasty and uniquely dazzled with (possibly) spices – it was the star feature of the dish. The salad was served in an odd way – there were four slices of chicken plopped on a bed of salad leaves (whereas most salads would have the chicken shredded and mixed with the leaves). It was probably not worth the $17, but was still a delicious meal.

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