Friday, February 3, 2012

Nestle chocolate dessert test

Feeling an urgent (and planned) need for dessert, my friend and I headed to the fridge section of Coles (haha). There was a 3 for $6 deal for twin Nestle chocolate desserts. I normally would avoid these types of things but gave it a go. This range was inspired by chocolate/confectionary chocolate bars:
Rolo – A chocolate mousse which my friend described as ‘decadent yogo’. I couldn’t agree anymore. This was the best dessert of the three. It was mild in taste, smooth and had an artificial caramel sauce at the bottom of the cup.

Club chocolate – Err… the jelly-like substance was extremely dark in colour but the taste didn’t match. Instead it seemed like it was artificially flavoured with something like dark powdered chocolate (not cocoa). Since the taste wasn’t as rich as the colour of the dessert, I questioned: how much colouring did Nestle actually put in here?

Aero – I was looking forward to this the most as I have fond childhood memories of Aero chocolate. Unfortunately, the airiness of the dessert was the dessert’s key downfall as this made it similar to aeroplane or hospital food. The dessert was like watered down cocoa powder.

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