Friday, February 3, 2012

assortment of cakes from Woden Westfield

It was my supervisor’s birthday and I bought several hand-sized cakes for a communal and low key afternoon tea. Making the most of this opportunity, I scouted Woden Westfield to find the most delectable assortment of cakes - something chocolaty, cheesy, floury, gluten-free and something fancy. Done!
And my amateur review:
Flourless chocolate cake from Pie Face – What? I purchased a present from a franchise which sells pre-packaged food? Well, the chocolate cake was a hit. It wasn’t too sweet and had a genuine (dense) flourless cake texture. It was drizzled with chocolate which made the cake a bit pretty.

French Vanilla Slice from Edelweiss café – Yum, I love vanilla slices. Reminds me of when I was in year 12 and used to walk up the street after school and stuff my fast-metabolic body with this sugary, creamy and flaky goodness. This French vanilla slice was nice – the custard was smooth and decent (didn’t have a disproportionate amount of gelatine), the pastry was still flaky and the icing was thick. Together, it was probably one of the sweeter desserts, but it was still delicious.

Hummingbird cake with cream cheese icing topped with shredded coconut and crushed pistachios from Edelweiss café – one of my favourite cakes of the assortment. It seemed home-made and inspired me to get back into baking myself. This would be perfect at a picnic or as a treat with a cup of tea. The texture was real (and chunky) and every bite was a surprise – what’s the next delicious ingredient in this cake?!

Orange poppy seed friand from Edelweiss café – From my experience, a friand is only bad when it’s stale and this fit into that category. It was great compared to plain sponge cakes, delicious for a friand, a bit ordinary and commonplace compared to the other cakes in the assortment.

Baked passionfruit cheesecake from one of the cafes in the woden courtyard plaza – Creamy goodness. The passionfruit compote was adequately tart and sweet. Same case as the friand – there are so many of these cakes that it’s hard for one to stand out from the crowd. Still good nevertheless.

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