Monday, February 27, 2012

Beecroft Post Office Wine Bar Restaurant

I like restaurants/places which are in historic buildings. It's like a mix between the old and new. In Sydney I lived near Beecroft, a very quiet suburban suburb with a train station. It's a suburb where oldies would frequent on weekday mornings. I always travelled past Beecroft's old post office and never knew a restaurant even existed, until my friend suggested it and I thought wtf?!

The staff were more than lovely. The man who served us (probably the boss) was quirky and the character of the restaurant. Would visit the restaurant again, just to be entertained by him.

We ordered and shared a pompeii pizza, which had oregano, roasted eggplant, sundried tomato, bocconccini, pesto and parma ham. It was an okay pizza. Nothing amazingly great nor disgustingly bad. Not bad for a local institution, but I'd choose Crust pizza or other gourmet pizzas over this any day. I found a bit odd that the sundried tomatoes weren't chopped up - it was kind of lazy. We also got the rocket salad, with shaved parmigiano, aged balsamic vinegar & olive oil. This was fresh and covered in adequate amounts of cheese.

We ordered a pistachio souffle with gelato, but for some unexplained reason, out came a strawberry soufflé with hazelnut gelato. It was nice and light, and reminded me of home food as the batter wasn't smooth and consistent.

Beecroft Post Office Wine Bar Restaurant
95A Beecroft Road
Beecroft, Sydney

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