Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ginseng @ Hellenic Club

It's Wednesday – hump day and I'm bloody tired and burnt out. The K.Rudd story is hot in the media right now but I couldn't care less.

For my work manager's farewell, we went to the Ginseng Restaurant in the Hellenic Club. It was a restaurant set out in the typical Chinese/yum cha style on one floor of the massive Hellenic Club which is a clean and non-smelly up-market club.

I think the restaurant is owned by the same people as the Ginseng Restaurant in Manuka. I over ate a lot that week so refused to have any coconut cream or crispy skin meat and opted for the entrée sized vegetarian san-choi-boa. It was juicy, delicious, sweet, savoury and crunchy – everything I expect from this traditional Chinese dish. Too bad there were only two servings. Highly recommendable and would like to try their yum cha next time. I just need to be accompanied by a Hellenic Club member…

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