Saturday, December 3, 2011

all things life, post #1

I feel a bit ashamed updating this blog because I haven't made an appearance in such a long time. In the past 2-3 months, I’ve been incredibly busy with work, volunteer work, a major rough patch, friends, family. A lot of things. I’ve probably bitten off more than I can chew to keep busy. But for my own mental health I need to sit back right now. To demonstrate what’s been going on, I’m going to dedicate these posts to ‘all things life’.

Work in Adelaide
I’m going to start off with work, since its simple, black and white. There are processes, outcomes, projects, finishing projects etc etc. For work, I did some secretariat support for two work conferences in Adelaide and was fortunate enough to attend the events. We had a working dinner one evening in the Glenelg Pier Hotel. I was surrounded by admirable and down-to-earth CEOs of selected service providers.

We were served an amazing and fulfilling 3 course meal. My entrée was grilled Moreton Bay Bugs, served with vanilla potatoes, a citrus verjuice and other extras. My colleague enjoyed Kangaroo with a beetroot salad and some form of sorbet. For the main, I had a pan roasted Barramundi served with a sweet potato and butternut pumpkin rosti, sautéed spinach and a mussel verjus beurre blanc. The other option was a beef fillet with béarnaise sauce, lentils etc. Dessert was a rich chocolate mousse with sorbet. After the dinner, I felt like I ate 3-4 times more than I normally would!
The Rocks Grill

Transit food in Adelaide
My Adelaide trip was also filled with transit food from the plane and Qantas club. I was able to get into Qantas club as some of my colleagues were members – I remember being excited (and already tipsy) and impressed with the healthy range of food (bottom left hand corner). There were salads, beans, pesto – all things that I would prepare for myself if I was trying to be healthy!

Graduate Ball
Slowly leaving the topic of work, I recently attended a Ball with other graduates at Hotel Realm. We had a two course meal – my entrée had beef and chilli oil and my main was roast chicken with pumpkin. The caterers did well for themselves – they managed to make the food taste good, consistent, not too dry. If I was served what I got in a smaller restaurant setting, I wouldn’t be as pleased, but on the night there were 400ish people so I think they did well. And plus, I was starving because I was majorly drunk.

Hotel Realm
18 National Circuit
Barton ACT 2600

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