Monday, December 12, 2011

big weekend

I love seeing how people’s choice of food reflects what’s going on in their lives.

On the weekend, I graduated from my work grad program, drinks with colleagues, partied and debriefed.

National Portrait Gallery: Graduation
The weekend kicked off with our graduation at the National Portrait Gallery. The ceremony was boring and I grumpy due to lack of sleep. However, the food was a highlight! We had crustfree sandwiches (either with smoked salmon, cream cheese etc or roasted veges etc) and cakes, such as orange and almond meal or chocolate brownies. It was a work event but the socialising aspect of it blurred work into the weekend.

Kingston Hotel: Work drinks/dinner
The grads went to the Kingston Hotel for drinks and a pub dinner after the graduation. As much as I love having dinner with the grads, I hate talking about my work outside of hours. Luckily the topic of food and the psychology of birth order came up. Love it! At Kingos, you’ve got the option of an a-la-carte menu or DIY menu (where you pick some raw meat and BBQ it).

I had a roasted pumpkin and pine nut salad. It was good overall, but it was covered in some heavy oil or dressing which made me feel a bit gluggy afterwards. My friends had a parma, chargrilled vege skewers, goat etc. Typical pub meals - laid back and no fuss.

Kingston Hotel
73 Canberra Avenue  
Griffith ACT 2603

Civic: a drunken night
Some of us headed out to Civic for a Graduate party. Everytime I go out, a person must have a greasy slice of pizza. Comforting convenient food when drunk is needed to soak up the immense amount of liquids consumed.

Pizzazz Cafe: farewell
One of my closest friends was leaving Canberra, so we caught up for brunch as kinda 'the last meal' she'd have in Canberra. She had eggs Benedict with bacon and I had muesli with rhubarb compote, and natural yoghurt. It was presented as a trifle in a clear glass - sophisticated. However, I thought the meal was okay - there was a bit too much yoghurt for my liking and could have done with more muesli. But maybe that's just because I am a cereal/muesli addict. I probably wouldn't order it again.
Pizzazz Cafe
41 Kennedy Street, Kingston 
Kingston, ACT

Tosung Korean BBQ: debrief
A chilled out debrief meal needs to follow every big night out. I went with a close friend to the new Korean BBQ in Manuka. I needed to vent and was drunk (again, whoops) so thankfully, my friend did all the cooking. I probably wasn't craving meat at this stage but apparently one craves meat if they need a boost of energy.

Compared to the Korean BBQs that I would have in Sydney, it was bit small. But the meat was of good quality – what I mean by this is that there was not too much excess fat. The venue was good as the exhaust pipes were moveable, so we could place it near the smelly stove, minimising the heat from scorching our faces and the smokiness penetrating our clothes.

Tosung Korean BBQ
Manuka (old Zeffirellis)

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