Monday, December 19, 2011

Belluci's bombe alaksa

I just came back from having dessert at Bellucis and am blogging in the act of being on a ‘sugar high’. AMAZING! My flatmate and I ordered Bombe Alaskas. This is an Italian dessert, with a maderia cake base, topped with gelato covered in a meringue. I’ve seen this dessert in many cookbooks and have always wanted to try it. And the Bombe Alaska at Belluci's did not fall short of my expectations.

To start, we were going to order this to take away. However, my work supervisor wisely advised me that if you eat in the restaurant, the dessert comes out with FLAMES. The takeaway price for this dessert is $12 but the sit-in price is $14. It came down to the all-important question – Would we pay $2 for flames? Why, YES! Of course!

In the restaurant, it only took 15 minutes for the dish to come out of the kitchen. And with flames!!! It was exciting to think – those flames are pretty and are they for me? Yes! However, there was a teeny mistake as the restaurant thought that we only ordered one. There was a slightly awkward moment where I was stuffing my face and making orgasmic noises by myself, in front of my flatmate. Within 10 or so minutes, the second one came out and that eased the situation. No biggie.
The first bite – amazing. Breaking into the crispy meringue was just like taking the first spoon-full of a crème brulee, or in layman’s terms – kissing someone for the first time. HAHA. Yes. There was this amazing moment of: What? I am eating a meringue AND ice cream AND cake? What? It was everything that you could ask for in a dessert – elegance through the meringue, childhood dreams through the ice cream and cake which has connotations of celebrations.

It was exciting as the meringue oozed out – this tricked me into thinking that my dessert was ‘dying’ so I should quickly ‘save’ it by eating it. My flatmate thought it was a ‘doozy’. The ice cream was three-tiered with dark chocolate, ferrero rocher and tiramisu.

The maderia cake base had a slight taste of liqueur, probably because the dessert had to be drizzled in liqueur for it to be flamed up. However, the base was a bit stale and hard, but this was probably important to maintain the structure of the dessert. My flatmate wasn’t a fan of it.

The meringue’s sweetness overpowered the dish towards the end. However, I do realise that meringue needs a high percentage of sugar to keep its shape. And it was served with a raspberry puree, which was complemented the dish really well. The strong fruity taste cut through and balanced all the creaminess of the dish.

Each Bombe Alaska was massive - half the size of my face! I would most definitely go again but share it with at least one other person.

We were in and out of the restaurant in 30 minutes, giggling on a sugar high. And I realised that the front door of the restaurant is reminiscent of a cross-section of the Bombe Alaska
Dickson, Manuka or Woden (we dined at Woden)

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