Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Last Emperor exhibition and Mamak

One of my Sydney neighbours volunteers for the Art Gallery of New South Wales and kindly offered me two tickets to the opening exhibition of The Last Emperor at the Gallery. This was one year ago. I grabbed this opportunity as it was the day after my thesis was due and I was in SERIOUS SERIOUS SERIOUS need of alcohol (i have my priorities in order).

The exhibition was okay... in fact, I thought it was over-rated. There were tons of people, which was a shock to my system after being 'hermitted' (adj) in my bedroom for months. We queued up for the exhibition, which contained heaps of tiny Chinese artefacts and a few terracotta warriors. I like reading and studying about history and mostly respect galleries, but this exhibition was a bit boring. Knowing that thousands of terracotta warriors exist, the sight of just a few didn't excite me. Maybe my judgement is misinformed, uneducated about how the exhibition was put together. But the exhibition per se didn't do it for me. Maybe a 'taster' of Forbidden City wasn't enough.

Oh yes, and we went to Mamak, a popular Malaysian Restaurant. The food was flavoursome, filling and different to what I normally eat. Mind you, I can't stand really hot curries and welled up in tears throughout the night. I was amazed by the puffy roti (top left hand corner). In real-time, it looks massive but I could eat it like crack on a stick.
15 Goulburn Street
Haymarket, Sydney

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