Friday, December 30, 2011

yum cha @ Golden Jade Seafood Restaurant

Yum Cha (meaning 'drink tea' in Cantonese) is something that I miss in Sydney. It's not that Yum Cha in Canberra is bad, but its either in a place that's far away from where I live, doesn't have 'yum cha ladies' who push around metal carts or the food is just not as good.

On a recent Sydney trip, my mother brought my little brother and I to the Golden Jade Seafood Restaurant to have yum cha. This is a popular restaurant in Eastwood, frequented by Chinese grandparents who insist their adult children join them at the table and 20-something year olds from HK/China who came to Australia to study and miss food from home.

The food, as always, was great. The dumplings are usually considered as a key indicator of the overall quality of a yum cha restaurant. Here, the pastry of the dumplings was appropriately 'bouncy' and there were no holes in the pastry. My fav dumplings are the ones with chives or asian veges. I also love the sago dessert- here it is like a baked custard with little balls of sago.
Golden Jade Seafood Restaurant
140 Rowe Street
Eastwood, Sydney

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