Sunday, December 4, 2011

sharing with friends

I love spending time with my friends, especially when there is sharing of food and thoughts. In the past few weeks, I’ve purposively surrounded myself with friends – people who I love. The 16th November was the anniversary of when my best friend passed away. I don’t normally actively seek attention, but I needed to post this as my facebook status:

“Today is the anniversary of when my best friend passed away - live life, share, be honest and open, follow your passions, love those closest to you, imagine and be active, appreciate the banal, leap, believe in and trust yourself, fly in hail or sunshine xo”

Later that week, an unsuspecting friend told me that she really appreciated my status as it encouraged her to not worry about small menial things and to focus on the bigger picture. This discussion really made my week.

It was and still is an extremely tough time. I felt shock and anger as if my friend had just passed away. We grew up together, shared dreams/thoughts of how to be independent, our vulnerabilities, artistic ideals and ways of respecting the people in our lives. Especially recently, I’ve felt strangely uncomfortable in all of my interpersonal relationships. I need to learn to talk about this more and this is one way of doing it.

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