Sunday, December 4, 2011

food with friends

I haven’t put too much effort into this blog because on the blog, I’m having a one-way conversation with my friends and others. I prefer socialising with my friends in real-time and in person.

Baking day
One sunny/chilly afternoon, a bunch of the graduates and I gathered at someone’s house for a baking day! As domestic as it sounds, it was a fun way for like-minded people to hang out and boldly talk about the things that we are passionate about. Below are pictures of a colleague’s choc-chip cookie cake! The texture of the baking masterpiece was halfway between the density of a cookie and the floury/fluffiness of a cake.

In my last post about Brodburger, I criticised it for being average and commonplace. This view wasn’t taken well by people who I met in Canberra. So I decided to give the red caravan a second chance. This time it was daytime, I was with a good friend, and had a cider in hand. I had the fish burger without aioli – unlike last time, I noticed the earthy chargrilled smell/taste and the burger wasn’t overly oily. And I love love love the outdoor setting surrounding the caravan. I would go back again but still prefer the variety of other burger places.
Spider Cider
One evening, I was craving cider per se and icecream per se. A friend suggested that these two should be combined. We did this and it was amazingly good – essentially ‘cider spiders’. The froth that developed from the concotion was a fluffy, childhood-like dream that Heston Blumethal would extract and incorporate in one of his molecular masterpieces.

Bus Depot Markets
My spiritual cousin visited me in Canberra. I absolutely love visitors as it encourages me to do things I don’t normally do in Canberra. I guess going to the same places and doing the same things bores me. We went to the Bus Depot Markets and enjoyed organic strawberries and some filo wraps. We realised that one of the filo wraps had cream in it. This raised discussions of how some people have intolerances of dairy and gluten and how certain foods can affect your emotional wellbeing. I admire my cousin not only for her knowledge but motivation and courage to stop full-time work to continue studying.

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