Sunday, December 18, 2011

Pork Barrel

I’ve heard lots about this restaurant through colleagues. The restaurant is listed in the ‘gold section’ of Canberra’s Entertainment Book so I expected a slightly formal dining experience. Instead, the restaurant had no white table cloths but exposed wooden tables and a café feel as waiting staff stood behind a U-shaped bar and as there were floating/make-do blackboards with the menus. The locals knew this and dressed appropriately. My flatmate and I just came back from work so were a bit more formal. But after 10 minutes, we felt at home.

We ordered/shared a pizza and salmon. The pizzas here are the same as those in Debacle, a famous Canberra pizza institution (my ‘evidence’ is heresay and if you compare the menus, they are exactly the same). The selling feature of the pizza was the doughy base – fresh, as addictive as crack on a stick, fluffy and just yum. However, I’m more of a toppings lady (maybe due to my avoidance of carbs) – while the base was amazing, if I was craving pizza, I probably wouldn’t choose to go here. The salmon was good – maybe slightly small, but it wasn’t overcooked (very common in restaurants). Sorry, I can’t remember what accompanied it.
Being the sweet freaks that we are, my flatmate and I brought home a mini blue(berry?) macaron and a mini raspberry friand. The macaron was weird – I couldn’t taste any blueberry whatsoever, so it was just a smurf-like macaron – two-dimensional.

Pork Barrel
King George Terrace

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