Friday, December 30, 2011

Almustafa Lebanese Restaurant (Glebe)

Looking back at all my food pictures and preferences, I'm starting to think that I'm a tad obsessed with Middle Eastern/ Lebanese/ Turkish cuisine. Maybe I fancy their use of chickpeas, or I crave a refined version of falafel. I also crave baklava at random parts of the day (after a work lunch, when eating salad, going for walks)- maybe I love the complexity of take away baklava. Whatever it is, it is yum and I should stop trying to pin-point my taste through self-analysis.

The Almustafa Lebanese Restaurant in Glebe was lively but had intimate mood lighting, bustling but guests could have {{private conversations}}. We ordered Baba Ganouge, Falafel, Vine leaves and Shishbarak (Pan fried pastry ravioli filled with lamb, pine nuts, and onion, served in a sauce of yoghurt, coriander and garlic and on the side, white baked rice with vermicelli noodle). This last dish I remember being amazing and something I've never tasted before.

Each dish was presented beautifully and had sufficient (and interesting) sides to complement the star act. There's absolutely nothing that I could complain about.

As the night went on, belly dancers came out onto the restaurant floor to entertain the restaurant guests! This was a lovely surprise. Some guests probably felt that it added to the authenticity of the restaurant. I kinda felt like a tourist (note that Glebe isn't really a tourist hot-spot, so I'm probably just being a sceptic).

I'd definitely go to this restaurant again and would recommend anyone else to go :)

Almustafa Lebanese Restaurant
23 Glebe Point Road
Glebe, Sydney

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