Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Asian Noodle House

A couple of weeks ago, the grads organised a lunch at the Asian Noodle House in Woden. I ordered a Pad Siew. I love Pad Siew as it’s not as sweet as Pad Thai and behind its layered taste, it has a subtle reminder of something like oyster sauce. I was pretty happy with the one here. The dish was also MASSIVE – I brought it home in a doggy bag and it lasted three separate meals! Crazy.

My only complaint would be the excessive oiliness of the dish. If I didn’t add extra vegetables to the leftovers, I would feel disgustingly groggy. I should learn to expect that from takeaway Asian food. Still good nevertheless.
Asian Noodle House
6 Launceston Street
Phillip ACT 2606 

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