Sunday, December 4, 2011

milk & honey. an old relationship

An ex-boyfriend of mine travelled to Canberra to catch up with me. Although many people would feel awkward around their exes, for me, this guy is just like the boy next door. I appreciate that we still talk. We went to Milk and Honey in Civic and had chose the most contrasting meals: salad as opposed to a burger with a shake – haha, this is not to say that our choices in food reflects what we were like in a relationship.

I ordered the salmon salad – it was larger than the size of my face lol. But it was satisfying as there were a range of ingredients and there was an adequate proportion of salmon. He ordered a chicken burger which, sadly, was burnt. His 'breakfast shake' had raspberry, banana, pineapple juice, skim milk, honey and yoghurt. We were not impressed by it because it was watery and the proportion of fruits were imbalanced (maybe too much pineapple juice).
Milk and Honey
Ground Floor Center Cinema Building
29 Garema Place Bunda St
Canberra City ACT

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