Monday, December 12, 2011

potluck dinner party

Potluck dinner parties are great. It gives me a chance to cook something that I don’t normally and to eat food that I would never cook (because I get idea-lazy). For one dinner party, I made chocolate cupcakes filled with vanilla icecream. They were a hit! Everyone asked how the icecream ‘got into’ in the cupcake. Well here is my secret: dig a hole in the cupcake, as if you’re digging a hole in a beach, and keep the excess cake in one piece. Place a small ball of icecream in the hole then cover it with a ‘lid’ namely the top part of the excess cake. And another tip: defrost the cupcakes before you serve them.
Other people brought things like: polish beetroot soup, salads, Mexican wraps, a tofu/tomato casserole. I really appreciated the home-cooked meal as I haven’t had one in a while – thank you!

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