Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Paddo Bowls

On Boxing Day, I went to my cousin's partner's birthday celebration at the Paddington Lawn Bowling Club. The club is located in the leafy area surrounding Edgecliff Train Station. The neighbourhood is filled with expensive near-$2M houses with nicely-kept hedges, ornate gates and shiny black European cars. The club was up-market but casual- there were large comfortable wicker chairs and a restaurant/bar with a varied mostly-healthy menu. The price for drinks was good for Sydney, as I paid just $6 for a cider.

There were a few food platters at the event, each having either Mediterranean food, deep fried calamari, spinach/cheese filo triangles and falafel. Finger food is normally over-filled with bread crumbs and lacks protein. However, the food here was good enough for my entire lunch (reminder: I am a health-freak).
My cousin put together a fantastic slide show of photographs taken of guests at the event. Authentic of ye olde times. Check it out here.

Paddington Lawn Bowls Club
2 Quarry Street

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