Thursday, December 29, 2011

Massive cakes @ Buzzzbar Cafe in Newtown

I caught up with the Honours 'kids' at the Courthouse in Newtown. We were drunk off our faces (typical), or maybe it was just me. Either way, we were starving, not really thinking the nutrients we should be consuming and wanted quick food. We rolled over to the Buzzz Bar Cafe and stuffed our happy flushed faces with massive cakes (at $7.50 per cake, you get a size for what you pay). Chocolate flourless, baked cheesecake with an apricot topping, some sort of fig cake and some sort of almond gluten free cake. 

All cakes were delicious. We ignored all social ettiquette and ate of each others plates as if we were cats. The chocolate one might have been a bit heavy and needed to be shared. Despite the context of our consumption, the cafe is not just the type you'd go to soak up alcohol but the food was delicious and I'd definitely go again.
Buzzzbar Cafe
349 King Street
Newtown, Sydney

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