Saturday, December 31, 2011

Emma's on Liberty Lebanese Eatery

I lived in Sydney for the majority of my life. Living in Canberra allowed me to realise that travelling overseas, or the strong desire to, is a well-pronounced trend among most of my friends more so than other Gen Y people. Not all Gen Y people want to do this or have the finances to do so. It feel fortunate to have seen what I have overseas, but I also feel like a spoilt brat.

Yonks ago, two of my friends had a farewell dinner at Emma's on Liberty in Enmore. I think it was the first time I had Lebanese food outside a takeaway shop - haha.

We had the typical falafel and tabouli. It felt odd to eat falafel with a fork and knife, but I realised that there is more to falafel than the stuff in kebab shops. I had fried cauliflower for the first time and it was amazing (essentially cauliflower lightly fried in spices). I thought: 'What? Cauliflower doesn't have to be in a wet stirfry but just be cooked with dry spices?!?!'

I have fond memories of the Ladies Fingers, which were filo pastry rolls, filled with lamb, pine nuts and pomegranate molasses. The fillings were sophisticated but a bit heavy. I brought some away in a takeaway container, and the fat of the lamb just hardened up. Some foods aren't suitable for takeaway :S. But I loved the casualness of the rolls and being able to eat with my hands.

And for dessert, we had baklava and turkish coffee. Delicious and difficult to share!
Emma's on Liberty: Lebanese Eatery
59a Liberty St
Enmore, Sydney


  1. See the main thing I remember is the deep fried mozzarella balls with that sour berry sauce. Good grief. I hope this restaurant is still kicking!!

    ps as an observation from an Aussie whos spent the past 18 months in the UK I think our gen Yers are inclined for travel more than any other nationality. I've actually had a whole bunch of chats about this with folk commenting on how much Aussies blow about and reckon its partly down to our better incomes making it more doable and partly down to so many of us having an immigrant background making us more conscious and curious about foreign places.

    Took a peek at that purple pudding you made at christmas, looked very pretty but far too wholesome for any plate of mine :P

    xxx Loose

  2. Oh I miss this place!! Their food is amazing beyond belief.


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