Thursday, December 29, 2011

moscato summer pudding

I wanted to make a dairy-free, mostly healthy but 'different' dessert for Christmas Dinner with my cousins. I wanted the dessert to match the warm climate of an Australian Christmas, as opposed to heavy puddings and fruit cakes which are better for a colder Northern-Hemisphere Christmas.

For some time, I held a recipe for Summer Pudding with Moscato from Gourmet Traveller, and this was the occasion to experiment! After all, if it failed miserably and my family hated the dish, my family is still my family (mwahaha, yes).

Summer Pudding is a quintessential English pudding. It's usually made with forest berries, white bread, vanilla bean paste and sugar. This recipe had boozy Moscato in it, which I thought was appropriate since my cousins and my family are all adults now.

The final result ended up looking like a lopsided blotchy alien which failed to develop a perfect tan from the red glare of the planet Mars... Nevertheless, it was pretty and fruity (as long as anything is aesthetically appealing and healthy, its okay).


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