Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sushi Hotaru

Everytime I visit Sydney, I insist on eating sushi as there is a serious lack of good sushi in Canberra. My friend brought me to Sushi Hotaro, the new-ish sushi train under the Japanese bookstore Kinokuniya in Galleries Victoria. It was right after Christmas, so the place was packed with tired (mostly Asian) shoppers. Each dish was $3 + 10% holiday surcharge. The price per dish was definitely value-for-money as most dishes had some form of seafood. It was one of the best sushi trains I've been to in Sydney!

Apparently, seafood is one of the most environmentally-unsustainable foods to consume as it is farmed and sourced using an extraordinary amount of natural/man-made resources. I ignored all of this, just for this meal. I promise I'll eat less seafood in 2012 :) and I usually stick to my convictions.

There was a magnificent artwork in the centre of Galleries Victoria with hundreds of books suspended from strings. It was like a massive diorama (there's probably a more sophisticated description for this type of art).

Salmon sushi, blow-torched

Salmon and scallop sushi, blow-torched

White fish (snapper?), blow-torched, sprinkled with chilli powder

Edamame sushi

Avocado roll with salmon

Scallop sushi, blow-torched

Cooked tuna & tomato sushi

Cooked tuna and salmon avocado sushi

Sushi Hotaru
500 George Street
(Below Kinokuniya)

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