Sunday, December 4, 2011

thirst wine bar & eatery. canberra friends

In the past year, on the last Friday of every month, my friends and I would go to the National Portrait Gallery for drinks. This would be often followed by a civilised dinner in the city. This time, we went to Thirst, a Thai restaurant in Civic.

We enjoyed:
Bean curd & basil stirfry/ Dtao huu pad pet bai gra phao 18.90
Bean curd, baby corn, morning glory, chilli, basil, ginger, garlic, kaffir lime, oyster sauce

Green curry with trout dumplings/ Gaeng kiao warn luuk chin plaa 22.90
Classic Thai curry with fresh basil, bamboo shoots and dumplings made from ocean trout fillets, ginger, garlic & coriander root

Vegetarian spring rolls (4 per serve) 10.90
Grated carrot, bean sprouts, rice noodles & coriander, served with cucumber relish

Plus some other curry dish which had banana throughout it – what, banana in a savoury dish? Yes! We also had a Thai Sangria – essentially traditional Sangria with Thai Basil.

This is one of the better Thai restaurants, as the dishes were flavoured with herbs, spices etc rather than pre-manufactured pastes etc.

Thirst Wine Bar & Eatery
20 West Row  
Canberra ACT

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